Gifford Community Woodland comprises Speedy and Fawn Woods at the end of Station Road in Gifford, East Lothian. They were purchased in 2017 on behalf of the whole community, and we welcome feedback or input - you can contact us at any time on

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Please Pledge Your Support

As you may already be aware, the woods at the end of Station Road in Gifford (areas 1, 2 & 3 on the map below) have been offered for sale to the community ahead of being put on the open market. If we aren't able to take advantage of this opportunity, their is future at risk and we could lose something of huge value to the village.

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Whether as a place for your children to explore, for you to walk the dog or simply enjoy some peace, the woods offer a great deal to us, not to mention the environmental role they play to the wildlife that lives there.

Since news was first released about the sale a great deal has already been achieved by a group of volunteers.  The Gifford Community Land Company (a not-for-profit company that we hope will soon be granted charitable status) is well on the way to making an offer for the woods. If accepted by the current owner, this will mean that Speedy and Fawn Woods would be owned by the local community, safe from development or felling, and remain a place where we – and future generations – can explore and enjoy.

But the woods now need YOUR help. Of the expected purchase price of around £250,000 (being independently valued), we believe that up to 98% could be funded through a variety of public applications, so the village needs to raise £5,000; if 350 households in Gifford each gave just £15 we should meet our target.

If you don’t feel able to offer financial support, DON’T WORRY – if you support the idea, simply by completing the form on the right of this page* you will be helping with our fundraising. If you do feel able to offer a financial pledge, we don’t want your money now but we’ll be back in touch if our funding applications are successful and our offer accepted. In return for any financial support, once we own the woods you will receive a certificate to show that you played your part in saving Gifford’s woodland.

Either way, by completing the form [or if you prefer simply emailing us:] you will help our other funding applications by showing we have community backing to protect this woodland.

Please, pledge your support now and we can save this valuable village asset – and ensure that the woods can continue to be available to all who enjoy them.

Thank you.

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